Frequently Asked Questions

So you might have a few questions. We have taken our most common questions and compiled them here for you because you might have similar questions. Here is a collection of the questions we get and our answers to them.

Are you going to offer below market value for my house?

The houses we purchase, are purchased below market value if purchased in all cash. We typically try to get a reasonable discount on houses because we will come in and spend OUR money to renovate the property. We find that many of the sellers we do business with understand that they will be selling below market value because they are looking for a cash offer. Sellers we work with appreciate not having to sell traditionally on the MLS for a variety of reasons and that they don’t have to wait on lengthy escrows, no money out of their pocket, no repairs, no realtor commissions, no-nonsense, just a KWICK OFFER.

How do you come up with your offer on my house?

It’s actually really straightforward. We take into account the location of the house and what comparables have sold for in a similar as-is condition.

We determine the fair market value of the house as-is. We subtract what you would have paid in commissions on the MLS (6%) in agent fees, and an estimate of what we think it will cost to repair the home to take it to the top of the market.

Will you be putting my house for sale on the MLS?

At Kwick Offers, we are investors who buy houses. We are not Realtors. Our goal is to buy houses that make sense for us to buy and for the seller to sell.

Once we buy a house, we will come in and renovate the property to the top of its market and either sell the house or keep it as a rental property. Often, we don’t know what we will end up doing with the house until it is renovated.

Do you charge a fee or commission?

No, we do not charge a fee or commission. We are not Realtors and do not list your house on the MLS.

Why should I work with you instead of listing it on the MLS with a Realtor?

We offer a Kwick No-Hassle experience from beginning to end. The transaction is much faster and smoother than dealing with all the difficulties of listing your house on the MLS, dealing with buyers, banks, appraisals, inspections, long escrows, and all the other things you will deal with when working with a Realtor.

Is your offer negotiable?

Everything is always negotiable, but it goes both ways. The best deals are the ones where both sides feel they bought/sold at a good price. Like we always say, if you want to sell, we want to buy.

So let’s figure it out. We tell our sellers that we want them to be honest with us. If the offer is not working for you, let us know what will, and let’s do business.

We buy houses Nationwide in ANY Condition.

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